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LOLA Technology Inc.

Can provide pre-sales consulting, hardware and software planning and implementation, after-sales maintenance services, etc., to a full range of solutions to assist enterprise customers to build the most complete IT infrastructure. Our Solutions

Our solutions

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LOLATEK has extensive experiences in planning, design, execution and deployment.

LOLATEK's solutions


Consulting service in Pre-sales stage.

LOLATEK can provide information technology services to enterprise customer in these areas.


Wide Range of Storage Solutions.

Enterprise storage systems including SAN, NAS, SDS and object storage.


Physical and Virtual Server Platform

Unix, Linux and Windows server, leading virtual server platform environment.

Enterprise Intelligent Operation and Management

Using artificial intelligence (AI) business decision-making platform tools to import enterprise operations and management data. Through process optimization and machine learning providing the best insight, to assist enterprise customers achieve intelligent daily operation and management.


LOLATEK AI Service Robot

AI service robot provide multiple functions such as welcome reception, facial recognition, query and answer, guided tour, remote control, companionship and interactive entertainment and advertising. It can also be customized according to different enterprise scenarios, enable the integration of big data analytics of IoT. Delivery service robot has different models, which can adapt to a variety of different scenarios, and provide considerable flexibility in selection, which can enhance service efficiency, human-machine cooperation can reduce occupational injuries to service personnel, and show the high-tech icon!


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